Jamila Silvera is a vibrant singer/songwriter from the DC area who blends Soul, 30s Gospel Rock, and Jazz into her own brand of storytelling. The daughter of an attorney and a classic reggae singer, Jamila has had quite an array of influences that have affected her craft and interests. Never having felt she had a great grasp of verbally expressing herself, she describes music as the "best way to translate my thoughts and strongest form of communication". She also finds it her "most earnest form of delight, focus, and meditation", believing it to be the most effective way to emote without asking permission. Once an secondary art educator, Jamila left teaching to pursue her greatest passion of singing/songwriting in 2014. Her simple, yet lofty goal is to pursue her heart's cry of sharing and swapping stories in song.

Jamila released her self-titled EP in the fall of 2013 under the guidance of long-time friends and musicians, Garage Voice. She is scheduled to release her second EP this fall.