This most recent release delivers proper jigs to fantastic and lilting tunes. These songs stem from some of my most treasured discoveries to my most unnerving suspicions.
The title came from the concept of perception constantly changing, yet somehow remaining very relevant. This perspective also tethers my beliefs and faith to the matriarchs of my family.


The Cranberries, "Dreams", is a classic ear-worm for kids of the 90s and alternative enthusiasts. One, of five songs recorded in early 2017, "Dreams" was not meant to be released as a single project. However, as the song unfolded, it was made clear to all involved that this cover would take on a life of its own. 


Jamila Silvera EP

In the Summer of 2012, I collaborated with a longtime friend,  Tommy Panigot, of GarageVoice. After experiencing similar trials and ailments,  we were inspired  to write a few songs together. This project allowed me to go forward with the realization that singing/writing was far more than a hobby.  This EP explores the clarity, confusion, humility, and desperation experienced throughout the duration of this project .